Time to Reflect

There are times when like today I look outside and see no sun. That inside of me I brighten my day. I love to laugh a lot. Most of the time it happens when I least expect it.  I remember growing up and I lived in an apartment building and sometimes when you are riding an elevator filled to the rim with a lot of people. Now imagine you’re a seven-year or even an eleven year old and all of a sudden you BURST OUT HYSTERICAL LAUGHING.  Well my friends that I grew up with we use to dare each other to see who stay in the elevator the longest without laughing.

So as they say those were the days.  The funniest part was that it was filled with adults who twenty times our ages. This was before cell phones and texting. We had to use our body language and secret talking that only us kids at the time knew the codes to. It was like taking pop rocks and going in the elevator and trying to survive the ride without revealing the new dare of the week.