Clutter Free Living

It’s the the first day of school again, Boy dose it feel like it outside. This is also a good time to clear the cobwebs and bring in new energies. Our memories live forever in our hearts. Yes we have a material attachment that we associate it with but that is a object. Not a energy. Energy goes on it’s endless. Like love.

 Clutter is very unhealthy for our minds. The more we build up we start to become lethargic, unhappy, sad, depressed, and stuck in this world we created. Those pesky bad energies love clutter. They say there and make us feel bad about ourselves.

The best way to live happy energetically and spiritually is live in a clean home with no clutter. Have beautiful flowers, music, scents, candles, flowers ( live). Make your home your Castle. It is your sanctuary. A clear mind and clear home make for happy spiritual living and a healthy outlook.