Easy to Talk about ! Where’s Your Experience ?

There is a saying ” He who talks much knows Nothing  He who speaks Little knows much “. This is true.  The New age movement has really confused people. It is not all rose-colored glasses and instant I’m all healed.  The reality of a true spiritual journey is one of hard work and many years of looking at yourself and accepting your pitfalls. Know Thyself is not read by a do it yourself manual. It is training and hard work. Not for the weak at heart.

So if someone tells you that kind words are being used to trick you I would think twice. That is a red flag. G-d is to be respected not abused. Someone who is untrained will not be able to catch these subtleties so quickly. The double talk of convincing you that the lie is better than the truth. Your Heart is your compass not your mind. That is the first place they go with you. They want you to rationalize their game.

Yes, Those who live and work in the light are humane and caring. They have no need to abuse others for personal gain. This is not about loving your Guru it’s about Loving Yourself First.